Song Descriptions

Song Descriptions © 2010 - 2024 Mark Tang aka TangMan

Anime Perfect ©2018   QZ-E4Y-21-10501                               

An Anime Character wants out of his unreal story

At the Edge ©2017   QZ-E4Y-21-10201

The cold and doom of living in the world today

Boardwalk Dance ©2018   QZ-E4Y-21-10101

The scene walking the Venice Beach Boardwalk


Cheaper Pill ©2016   QZ-E4Y-21-10301

Inspired by a recent Referendum passed for lowering the costs of prescription pills

Chic on the Crawl ©2017   QZ-E4Y-21-10102

Tribute to High Fashion’s preference for the youngest female models


Come on Over Rover ©2019   QZ-E4Y-21-10502

The Nursery Rhyme Red Rover’s real meaning


Drag a Ball and Chain ©2014   QZ-E4Y-21-10302

Fetish worship of a Female Dominant


Elisa Unknown ©2017   QZ-E4Y-21-10202

The Elisa test for Aids is like a dance with the Angel of Death 

Going in Reverse ©2017   QZ-E4Y-21-10103

Not in step with Everyone expectations for a Society is OK

Get up and Go ©2019   QZ-E4Y-21-10104

About the freedom of riding an E Scooter

Eclipse ©2018   QZ-E4Y-21-10503

The opposite of nature is like blotting out the Sun


Hollywood and Lore ©2013   QZ-E4Y-21-10504

A girl lost in the facade of Hollywood dreams

Hurry up and Wait ©2016   QZ-E4Y-21-10303

The main story to a screenplay I’m writing about the rock cocaine addiction in the streetlife off Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles in the early 1980s.

Never Ever ©2016   QZ-E4Y-21-10610

All the things people do and say to keep you down


My Final Inspiration ©2017   QZ-E4Y-21-10304

Spiritual song about finding God


Love Means ©2018   QZ-E4Y-21-10402

The long road back to  love

Keep On ©2016   QZ-E4Y-21-10105

Don’t let others put you in a box

Look at You ©2014   QZ-E4Y-21-10505

Jealousy of the one who gets more attention  

Lost Memory ©2016   QZ-E4Y-21-10403

Remembering how love with a special someone used to be

No More Baby ©2013   QZ-E4Y-21-10203

Heartache and Madness when the System takes away your child

Lucky Bet ©2017   QZ-E4Y-21-10404

When good fortune smiles down on you

People will Glow ©2024   QZ-E4Y-21-10307

A feel good night dance party on the beach

Never Be ©2020   QZ-E4Y-21-10204

What’s it’s like when you lose all your senses

New Dance ©2016   QZ-E4Y-21-10106

Starting over to find a new love

International Thailand ©2019   QZ-E4Y-21-10107

What I love about travelling to Thailand

Perfect Match ©2015   QZ-E4Y-21-10108

Comedy about Fast Track Dating

Sparrow ©2017   QZ-E4Y-21-10205

Dedicated to the Young Concert goers killed by a gunman

Rockit Writeit ©2016   QZ-E4Y-21-10405

A song for those leading a simple life

Swing Me Higher ©2016   QZ-E4Y-21-10406

Memories of being a child pushed on a swing 

Straight Ahead ©2018   QZ-E4Y-21-10305

Cool people and you’re always one step behind them

Walkie Talkie ©2014   QZ-E4Y-21-10110

Comedy about Influencers with Smart Phones

What do you Think ©2011   QZ-E4Y-21-10206

The need to totally depend on someone else 

Where I once Lived ©2010   QZ-E4Y-21-10207

Revisiting the site of the home you grew up in 

Way of the Gun ©2021   QZ-E4Y-21-10208

Gun killers are taught to hate

Timeout for Love ©2021   QZ-E4Y-21-10407

Searching for Love on the streets

Your Sign ©2018   QZ-E4Y-21-10308

How Astrological Charts tell you your destiny

Play it Again ©2020   QZ-E4Y-21-10209

A singer songwriter’s lament as he ends his career

Doggone Walking ©2019   QZ-E4Y-21-10507

The joy of walking a carefree dog

Two Heart Moment ©2022   QZ-E4Y-21-10408

A Bulgarian phrase for two lovers

Maybe ©2016   QZ-E4Y-21-10309

An Actor dreams of getting a big chance

Heartache on a String ©2020   QZ-E4Y-21-10309

Obsession with being near a beautiful girl

Promising Sky ©2019   QZ-E4Y-21-10109

Two horse riders enjoying the great outdoors

Celebrity ©2019   QZ-E4Y-21-10310

Fans with no life are obsessed with the life of Stars

E I Am ©2017   QZ-E4Y-21-10602

A I duplicates people as robots

Quiet Noise ©2019   QZ-E4Y-21-10508

A Mother raising a crying child

Trip to Forget ©2023   QZ-E4Y-21-10604

Live experiences not worth remembering

Someday Oneday ©2021   QZ-E4Y-21-10601

Wishful thinking about sharing love and utopia

Why Does it Take So Long ©2011   QZ-E4Y-21-10509

Waiting for a  cheating Lover


Animal Cry ©2022   QZ-E4Y-21-10510

Serial Killers are power hungry egos with guns 

Feel this Heartbeat ©2018   QZ-E4Y-21-10401

Romantic song to be close to your lover

Opposite of Blue ©2017   QZ-E4Y-21-10306

Trying to kick depression

Poor Mary ©2021   QZ-E4Y-21-10603

Incidents of religious zealots killing others

Other Side ©2021   QZ-E4Y-21-10609

Do people around have it as good as you  

Why ©2017   QZ-E4Y-21-10

Trump is a pretender, he should not be President

Guessing Game ©2019   QZ-E4Y-21-10210

What will your lover do

Follow Me ©2011   QZ-E4Y-21-10410

Your lover takes you through nature

Sidewalk Blues ©2020   QZ-E4Y-21-10608

Lament of a street performer

Walk ©2024   QZ-E4Y-21-10

The fear and danger when walking

Dream of You ©2024   QZ-E4Y-21-10607

The pain of expecting but losing a child

Places I Roam ©2010   QZ-E4Y-21-10506

1st song I wrote about loneliness in Hollywood